Can you send me samples of the tulle used for your veils, so I can match the tulle against my dress?
    Of course, it's important to ensure the tulle looks perfect with your wedding gown! Each sample costs from £1.50 to £3.00 depending on your chosen fabric, and they are usually posted out within 1 - 2 working days. This small charge for samples covers the time it takes me to put each sample envelope together, and to cover the cost of materials and envelopes. Please go here to order your samples - and do ask if you need any help.
    If you're looking at a veil edged with lace, please let me know the name of the veil style you're looking at, and I'll include one sample of the lace with your tulle samples at no extra cost. Additional lace samples are £2.00 each.


    What is the difference between Soft English Tulle and Fine English Tulle?

      Soft English Tulle (also known as 'English Net') is a very soft, silky, draping tulle with no stiffness, extremely fluid and airy. It's very similar to silk tulle, but at a much lower price. When you're standing still, it falls straight downwards, and when you move it flows around you. It is available in Ivory, Soft White, Pure White and Antique Rose (a pale taupe). To see all my Soft English Tulle veils, click here.
      Fine English Tulle is a traditional luxurious tulle, very sheer, beautiful and lightweight. It has more 'body' and structure than the softer tulles, but still feels lovely and smooth against your skin - it's not at all rough or scratchy. When you're standing still it flares outwards a little, and when you move it holds its shape around you like a beautiful halo. Available in Ivory, Soft White, Pure White, Champagne and Blush Pink. To see all my Fine English Tulle veils, click here.
      I now also offer Superfine Italian Tulle, which has similar structure and body to the Fine English Tulle while being even smoother and more luxurious-feeling.
      To order a sample of any of these fabrics to see and feel them for yourself, click here.


      I love one of your veils but I'd like it in a different length...?

        That's no problem! Just let me know the length you'd like and I'll price it according to the standard lengths in my shop, and then create a custom listing for you.


        I'm confused about veil lengths - every shop seems to have different measurements for Fingertip, Waltz, Chapel, Cathedral-length...?
          There's no exact agreement about how long each of these veil lengths are, so you'll find they do vary quite a bit between veil sellers! Generally chapel-length veils are between around 85" - 95" and cathedral-length around 105" to 110", with royal-length being even longer - Blossom and Bluebird royal-length veils are 118" (300cm) long.
          If none of my standard lengths are suitable, the best option is to take a measurement while wearing your dress (get a friend to help!) and hold the tape from where you'd like your veil to begin, let it fall naturally downwards and measure to where you'd like your veil to end. You can give me this measurement, and I can make your veil a custom length that's perfect for you.


          I need my veil fast - how quickly can you get it to me?
            Every veil is made to order especially for each bride, on a first ordered, first made and shipped basis, and the current production times for my veils are shown here (the production time + the shipping time = how long your veil will take to arrive in total).
            If you need your veil quickly, please add 'Rush My Order' to your basket, to have your veil moved to the front of my order queue and your shipping upgraded. You veil will be made within 4 working days and will then be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery (Next Working Day by 1pm) if you're in the UK, an express courier taking 2 - 3 working days if you're in Europe / the United States / Canada / the UAE, or an express courier taking 3 - 5 working days if you're in Australia / New Zealand / Hong Kong / Singapore.
            PLEASE NOTE - not all veils in my shop are able to be rushed, for example lace-edged and embellished veils. Please see individual product pages to see whether a particular item can be rushed.


            Custom and personalised orders

              I love making bespoke veils! Send me a message with your ideas, and include any pictures of the kind of look you're going for, and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 


              Can I order more than one veil to try on, and then return the veil(s) I don't want to keep?

                Because every veil is made to order especially for each bride, and because this is such a small business (just me!), I'm afraid that I'm not able to accept orders for multiple veils where one or more will definitely be returned. If my business was large and I had stock of all of my veils on hand for immediate shipping it would be a different matter, but I currently run Blossom and Bluebird entirely on my own and don't have any pre-made veils in stock. I'm sorry about this, and hope you understand my position! Do send me a message if you have any questions at all.