Colourful wedding veils by Blossom and Bluebird

As well as the traditional shades of Ivory and White, I have many options for brides who are looking for a colourful wedding veil...

  • Most of my SOFT ENGLISH TULLE wedding veils are available in Deep Ivory, Champagne, Blush Pink, Rose Pink and Antique Rose
  • Most of my ULTRASOFT ILLUSION TULLE veils come in Blush Pink
  • Most of my FINE ENGLISH TULLE veils are available in Champagne and Blush Pink

  • If you're looking for a PURE FRENCH SILK TULLE wedding veil, I can obtain this exquisite fabric in many different colours - please send me a message

  • I also have a stunning soft tulle called SOFT ITALIAN TULLE which comes in a rainbow of colours (many pictured above), including Champagne, Blush, Pale Pink, Shell Pink, Rose, Coral, Lavender, Mink, Silver Grey, Gunmetal, Aqua and Mint

  • My PEARL TULLE comes in Pure White, Ivory, Deep Ivory, Champagne, Blush, Pink, Rose, Old Gold and Pewter Grey

Please click here to order Fabric Samples! If you have any questions, please get in touch.