WONDER | Soft illusion tulle drop veil (extra full width)


WONDER | Drop veil in Ultrasoft Illusion Tulle (Extra Full width)

A dramatic, super sheer drop veil in soft and airy English illusion tulle, available in two beautiful colours.

• Made of Ultrasoft Illusion Tulle, a super soft English tulle with slightly more body and structure than the Soft English Tulle, but a lot less body than the Fine English Tulle.
• A drop veil is where the veil rests softly over your head in one sheer layer. It gives such a romantic air to your bridal look, and is amazing worn over a tiara, headdress or flower crown. One of the most beautifully timeless veil styles.
• This veil is different from my others, in that the veil comb is included but not yet sewn to the veil because there are different ways the veil can be placed. This gives you flexibility in styling your veil. Hair pins are also included as an alternative way to secure the veil, for a more 'invisible' look. You push the pins through the tulle and into your hairstyle when your veil is in position, and when the blusher is lifted back over your head, your veil will be held in place by the pins.
• Measured to account for a waist-height 28" blusher (the part of the veil that falls over your face), but if you want a longer blusher, simply order a longer length of veil and position the veil so it sits lower in front of you. As the comb is usually supplied not yet attached (or you can use the included hair pins), you control the positioning and styling of your veil.
• Extra Full width of 118 inches / 300cm, for a very luxurious, sumptuous effect.
• Cut from one continuous piece of Ultrasoft Illusion Tulle, for a gorgeous flowing look.
• This veil has a 'raw' edge and gives a very pure effect, with its clean lines and dreamy feel. It is stunning in its simplicity! It won't take any attention away from your wedding dress or other accessories, but will elevate your whole look.
• Available in Soft White and Ivory (pictured)
• Available in five different lengths, not including the 28" blusher:

Chapel - 85"
Cathedral - 105"
Royal - 118"
Regal - 150"
Imperial - 180"

• The veil shown is Ivory in cathedral-length on an 8cm comb. The model is 5'10".

|| Love this veil, but want to change something about it? No problem - just contact me for a custom order! ||

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Photography: Rebecca Douglas Photography
Model: Petra Ashby
Makeup: Lucy Baker
Hair: Becca Fox at Urban, Maidstone
Location: The Winding House, Kent
Crowns/bouquets: Hidden Botanics


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