LOYALTY | Soft tulle draped veil (shallow drape)


LOYALTY | Draped veil (shallow drape) in Soft English Tulle

This is a gorgeously sheer, understated bohemian-style draped veil, perfect for a beach, woodland or festival wedding. Made of super soft silk-style tulle with a beautiful drape.

• This veil has a 'raw' edge and gives a very pure effect, with its clean lines and dreamy feel. It is stunning in its simplicity! It won't take any attention away from your wedding dress or other accessories, but will elevate your whole look.

• This veil is cut quite narrow (60 inches) for an elegant, modern look.

• Gathered and hand-sewn either to two silver, gold or rose gold-toned metal combs (one at each side) that push downwards into your bridal hairstyle, or sewn to two mini snap-combs that clip into your hair, leaving a draped section between the combs that gently hugs the back of your head. The distance between the combs is approximately 11 inches.

• If you prefer, you can have tiny cotton loops instead of combs - this is ideal if you are wearing a headpiece as you can fix the veil in place with your own hair grips in a colour that matches your hair.

• This veil can be worn on its own or with a floral crown, headdress, headpiece or other accessories.

• Available in Pure White, Soft White, Ivory, Deep Ivory, Champagne, Blush Pink, Rose Pink and Antique Rose.

• Available in ten different lengths:

Waist - 28"
Fingertip - 36"
Waltz - 45"
Ballet - 60"
Floor - 72"
Chapel - 85"
Cathedral - 105"
Royal - 118"
Regal - 150"
Imperial - 180"

• The veil shown is Ivory in floor-length, attached via snap-combs. The model is 5'3". The flower crown is not included.

• IS YOUR WEDDING DRESS EMBELLISHED with rhinestones or stones in settings? If so, the Soft English Tulle may not be the right choice for your veil as its soft, draping quality means it can catch on claw-set stones. Bead and sequin embellishment is usually fine, as the fabric can drape over smooth embellishments without catching on them. Please ask if you need any advice!

|| Love this veil, but want to change something about it? No problem - just contact me for a custom order! ||
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Photography: Rebecca Douglas Photography
Models: Elika Ashoori & Petra Ashby
Makeup: Lucy Baker
Hair: Becca Fox at Urban, Maidstone
Location: The Winding House, Kent
Crowns/bouquets: Hidden Botanics


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