My veils are made from many different types of tulle. When you first start looking at wedding veils, the range of fabrics can be a bit bewildering! I've written a list of the tulle I use for my veils here, along with details about the kind of look and effect they'll give your veil.

Please get in touch if you're still confused - there's no such thing as a silly question, and I love to hear from brides!

Blush Pink Spanish Tulle veils at Blossom and Bluebird

A very soft, draping tulle, flowing and airy, very similar to silk tulle. No stiffness at all. When you're standing still, it falls straight downwards from the comb, and when you move it flows around you. In full-length veils it pools on the floor in soft folds - so romantic and dreamy!
~ available in Pure White, Soft White, Ivory, Deep Ivory, Champagne, Blush Pink, Rose Pink and Antique Rose. 

A very soft, extremely sheer English tulle with a fine diamond-shaped weave and a gorgeous drape, new to my range in 2021. ~ There are currently no veils listed in my shop that are made of this fabric, but it's available for a custom veil. ~ Available in Ivory.

A super soft and drapey, ultra luxurious tulle with a silky feel, available in Pale Ivory and Champagne Cream. Offering a similar look and effect to pure silk tulle. The Pale Ivory is perfect for dresses that are off-white, while the Champagne Cream shade is worth seeing if your dress is a warm ivory, or has hints of champagne or blush. ~ There are currently no veils listed in my shop that are made of this fabric, but it's available for a custom veil. 

A traditional luxurious tulle with more structure and body than the soft tulle, very sheer, beautiful and lightweight. When you're standing still it flares outwards a little, and when you move it holds its shape. Not at all hard or scratchy. As it has more structure than the soft tulles, it fans out around your train in the most stunning way in full-length veils, and stays in that position more easily than the very fluid soft tulles.
~ available in Ivory, Soft White, Pure White, Champagne and Blush Pink.

A superfine, super transparent high end tulle, with more body and structure than the silky soft tulles. Similar to the Fine English Tulle but with an even smoother, more luxe feel. Available in Soft White, Ivory, Champagne, Pink Champagne and Blush Pink. 
~ There are currently no veils listed in my shop that are made of this fabric, but it's available for a custom veil. 

A beautiful soft-touch tulle only available in blush, a sheer whisper of pink. This tulle is much softer than the Fine English Tulle, and has a tiny bit more 'body' than the Soft English Tulle, without the silky feel.

A soft and drapey dotted tulle with a pattern of oval dots woven into it, 1.5 to 2cm apart.
~ Pale Ivory (if you're looking for a different colour please contact me)
~ There are currently no veils listed in my shop that are made of this fabric, but it's available for a custom veil. 

A flocked polka dot tulle from the banks of Lake Como in Italy, this tulle has a little structure and body to it, and gives the most amazing retro feel to your veil.
~ available in Ivory or White.

An exquisitely soft 100% silk tulle manufactured in France, the same tulle as was used for Kate Middleton's veil. This is the most luxurious choice of fabric for veils and feels incredible against your skin. Nothing flows and drapes as beautifully as this fabric!
~ available in Ivory or White, or a rainbow of other colours (please send me a message!)
A 100% pure silk tulle from France with a slightly more structured feel, with more 'body' to it (similar to the look of Meghan Markle's veil). This incredibly luxurious silk tulle is available in all widths from Narrow to Extra-wide, depending on whether you'd like a sleek, understated veil or a much fuller, more dramatic veil like Meghan's. I have no veils made of the firmer silk tulle currently listed in my shop, but please contact me for more information, to explore your options for a custom order. 
~ available in Ivory only

Similar in feel and appearance to the Soft English Tulle, but available in a wider variety of colours. Silky-feeling with a soft drape. Slightly less transparent than the Soft English Tulle. A stunning choice if you want a veil that's not ivory or white! 
~ available in Ivory, Champagne, Blush, Pale Pink, Shell Pink, Rose, Coral, Lavender, Honey, Mink, Light Silver, Gunmetal, Aqua, Mint

To order samples of any of these tulles, please click here.