ELEA | Lace-edged drop veil


A simply beautiful drop veil made of Soft English Tulle, a very soft, silk style tulle with absolutely no stiffness. This fabric is manufactured here in England and is very similar to pure silk tulle. The 'Elea' veil is fully edged in a stunning French eyelash lace - pure romance!

Photos of real bride Eleanor - courtesy of Michael at Fotogenic of Scotland.

This veil cannot be fast-tracked, so please do not add the 'Rush My Order' listing to your basket.

  • This veil is a 'drop' veil, the style where the veil appears to float over your head. It gives such a romantic air to your bridal ensemble and looks amazing worn over a tiara, headdress or flower crown. It's the style made famous by Grace Kelly when she became Princess Grace of Monaco at her wedding, and more recently worn by Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. One of the most beautiful vintage-style veil options and a timeless style that will never date.
  • IMPORTANT: This veil is a little different from all my others, in that the comb is included but not yet sewn to the veil as there are so many different ways the veil could be placed. This gives you maximum flexibility in the way you choose to style your veil. Hair pins are also included as this is an alternative way to secure a drop veil that gives an even more 'invisible' look to the attachment of your veil. You simply push the pins carefully through the tulle and into your hair once your veil is positioned exactly how you want it, and your veil will then cascade down your back when the 'blusher' is lifted back over your head after your first kiss. It will be held in place by the pins.
  • A soft-tulle wrapped 8cm wide comb in your choice of silver or gold-toned is included but not yet sewn to the veil, so you can choose where to position it. Alternatively you can use the included hair pins to gently pin the veil to your hair.
  • This veil is measured to account for a 30-inch long 'blusher' (the part of the veil lifted over your head to veil your face), but you can of course position your veil in any way you choose depending on the length of veil you order; if you want a longer blusher simply order a longer length of veil and position the veil so it sits lower in front of you. As the comb is not attached (or you can use the included hair pins), you have total control over the positioning and styling of your veil.
  • Made of Soft English Tulle, also known as English Net.
  • Available in Ivory only.
  • Available in seven different lengths:

Fingertip - 36" with 30" blusher (this veil is cut as a perfect circle)
Waltz - 45" with 30" blusher (this veil is cut as a perfect circle)
Ballet - 60" with 30" blusher (this veil is an oval shape, as are all the following lengths)
Floor - 72" with 30" blusher
Chapel - 85" with 30" blusher
Cathedral - 105" with 30" blusher
Royal - 118" with 30" blusher

IS YOUR WEDDING DRESS EMBELLISHED with rhinestones or stones in settings? If so, the Soft English Tulle may not be the right choice for your veil as its soft, draping quality means it can catch on claw-set stones. Bead and sequin embellishment is usually fine, as the fabric can drape over smooth embellishments without catching on them. Please ask if you need any advice!



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Photos: Michael at Fotogenic of Scotland - real bride Eleanor

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