ADD A BLUSHER (upper tier) to a raw edge veil


This listing enables you to add a blusher (an upper tier) to any raw edge veil in my shop (excluding veils made of Pure Silk Tulle, Pearl Tulle, Italian Spotted Tulle, and "draped" veil styles).

A blusher can be worn over your face and gives an incredibly romantic, beautiful effect. It was once viewed as very traditional, but has had a massive surge in popularity again in recent years. No matter your age, the style/vibe/location of your wedding, or whether you've been married before, you can have a blusher if you want one!

Just add this listing to your cart alongside your chosen raw edge veil, and check both items out together.

A raw edge veil means that the veil has a plain cut edge with no lace on it. So this listing can be used for the BEAUTY, JOY, HOPE, PEACE, FAITH, HARMONY, PATIENCE veils to name but a few - if you're unsure about whether you can use this listing to add a blusher to your chosen veil style, just send me a message via the Chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and I'll get straight back to you! (If you'd like to add a blusher to one of my lace edged veils that doesn't already have one, just contact me for a custom order.)

My standard blusher length is 28" which falls to around waist-height on most brides, but you can use this listing for a shorter or longer blusher - some brides like a slightly longer blusher at 30", 32" or even fingertip-height (36"). If you'd like a longer blusher than 36", contact me for a custom listing as it'll cost a little more.

As always, do ask any questions!

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