Soft veils & silk veils

These veils are all exceptionally soft and silky, with no stiffness or volume at all - they drape and flow beautifully. Two fabrics are used here: Soft English Tulle (aka English Net) is an amazing silk-style tulle that gives a very similar look to real silk tulle, at a much lower price. It's also fairly crease-resistant, which is handy if you want to wear your veil all day (and night)! Pure French Silk Tulle is the ultimate in luxury... used for Kate Middleton's veil, it's the softest tulle in existence. If you'd like a colourful veil, I also have Soft Italian Tulle in a rainbow of colours including Champagne, Blush, Soft Peach, Pale Pink, Coral, Rose, Silver Grey, Lavender and more - please just send me a message!

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