JULIETTA | Soft tulle Juliet cap veil


A stunning Juliet cap veil with heavily embellished lace to frame your face beautifully. This veil is made of silky Soft English Tulle (also known as English Net), a draping, luxury tulle manufactured here in England. The Juliet cap is gathered slightly at each side and adorned with embroidered lace with beading, sequins and pearls.

  • In floor-length, chapel-length, cathedral-length and royal-length the veil is cut extra-wide (118 inches) for a full, dramatic look as in the pictures, but it can optionally be cut narrower (60 inches) for a more understated silhouette that's perfect for sheath, column and narrower wedding gowns.
  • In waist-length, fingertip-length, waltz-length and ballet-length the veil is automatically cut at the narrower 60 inch width.
  • The lace is approximately 11cm (4 inches) wide.
  • This veil is available in Ivory (pictured) only.
  • The bottom of the veil is cut into a soft curve.
  • Available with or without the romantic 30-inch blusher layer (pictured) that can be lifted over your head to veil your the face until the first kiss. If you select 'without', your veil will be a simple one-tier (one layer) veil.
  • Available in eight different lengths:

Waist - 36"
Fingertip - 42"
Waltz - 51"
Ballet - 66"
Floor - 78"
Chapel - 90"
Cathedral - 110"
Royal - 118"

  • Gathered at each side and hand-sewn to two mini silver or gold-toned metal combs for securing to your hair.

The veil pictured is extra wide (118"), in cathedral-length with a 30" blusher layer.

IS YOUR WEDDING DRESS EMBELLISHED with rhinestones or stones in settings? If so, the Soft English Tulle may not be the right choice for your veil as its soft, draping quality means it can catch on claw-set stones. Bead and sequin embellishment is usually fine, as the fabric can drape over smooth embellishments without catching on them. Please ask if you need any advice!


~ FABRIC SAMPLES: To order samples of this tulle to compare it with your dress, please go here and select ‘Soft Tulle’ in Ivory. Ask for a free sample of the 'Julietta' lace!
~ PRODUCTION TIME: My production times vary throughout the year depending on the volume of orders I have. Click here for my current production times.
~ DELIVERY & RETURNS: Click here for shipping, exchanges and returns info.


Photos: Rebecca Douglas Photography
Location: Marleybrook House, Kent
Makeup: Lucy Baker - Makeup Mastery
Hair: Megan Stankiste Bridal Hair
Model: Jo


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