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An incredibly romantic two-tier wedding veil made of Fine English Tulle, a luxurious, lightweight tulle with more 'body' than the Soft English Tulle. When you are standing still, the Fine English Tulle flares out slightly around you, and when you move it holds its shape. It can be picked up on a breeze very easily and is lovely and soft, with a little more structure than the softer tulles.

This veil has a 30" blusher layer that you can wear to veil your face as you walk down the aisle. When lifted over your head after the first kiss, it gives a beautiful two-tier appearance as it cascades behind you.

  • Cut from one continuous piece of Fine English Tulle for a gorgeous flowing look.
  • Gathered gently in the centre and hand-sewn onto an 8cm wide tulle-wrapped metal comb that pushes into your bridal hairstyle - choose from Silver, Gold or Rose Gold (I was unable to add Rose Gold as a product variant, but please email me to request it).
  • 72" wide, which gives a gorgeously modern silhouette without too much volume.
  • The end of the veil is cut into a gentle curve.
  • This lovely veil has a 'raw' edge and its simplicity ensures that it won't overshadow your wedding dress or your other accessories. Although it is simple in style, don't underestimate the impact this stunning veil will have!
  • Available in Ivory (pictured), Soft White, Pure White, Champagne or Blush Pink.
  • This two-tier veil is available in seven different lengths (or any custom length of your choice):

Fingertip - 36"
Waltz - 45"
Ballet - 60"
Floor - 72"
Chapel - 85"
Cathedral - 105"
Royal - 118"

  • The veil shown is Fine English Tulle in Ivory, in chapel-length.

The floral crown pictured is not included.


~ FABRIC SAMPLES: To order samples of this tulle to compare it with your dress, please go here and select ‘Fine Tulle’ and your required colour.
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Location: Margate House, Kent
Flower Crowns: Et Cetera Vintage, Ramsgate
Model: Jo


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